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I feel ya. I’d suggest the Marvel universe.There is a lot of great stuff coming from fans and producers. Like the Hawkeye comic.Terrific! Especially with the interactions between fans and makers :) Ms Marvel too(or Captain Marvel, I’m not quite sure)

I’m a MCU lurker. I read a lot and I follow quite a few people. I’ve heard great things about the Hawkeye comic (he’s my favourite Avenger) and there’s some really interesting possibilities for all the characters after Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The people seem super nice, but I’m an awkward turtle. It took me months to talk to people in the Sherlock fandom and that didn’t work out so well. I’m too shy for the internet and that is just depressing.

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Come to ABC. Watch Elementary. There are more episodes and inclusion. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Haha, I already watch Elementary (and really enjoy it. Elementary!Sherlock is more human and more believable. I saw the most recent episode today and there were many of the feels). I’m still trying to find my niche here on tumblr. I’m just hoping that eventually I’ll be able to write for a fandom that I care about and cares about me, if that makes sense? I guess I just need to talk to people more.

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Starting over

I honestly haven’t ever felt comfortable in the Sherlock fandom and while I’m happy with the stories I created I no longer want to write stories about the characters. I didn’t enjoy season three much, for various reasons, and i think it’s time for me to let it go. I didn’t make friends, even though I did try (as hard as I was capable of) and being on the edge of a fandom just makes me feel lonelier than ever. I have one unfinished Mystrade work that I might end up finishing (because it’s almost 20, 000 words and that’s a bit of a waste) but after that I won’t be writing mystrade anymore.

I’m sorry Sherlock, we had fun but I think we need to see other people.

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Ooooh that’s some good insurance :) Vintage stores!! I hope you took a lot of photos :) Ahh, well museums aren’t all that bad :) I remember in Brisbane they had people in dinosaurs, it was great :)

I took a couple of dozen photos for my manager (I work in a charity shop that sells vintage and boutique style things) and I might post them on tumblr tonight. I actually love museums because I am a total nerd, lol, but it’s now sunny so we’ll probably be shopping again today.

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Ahh, well sliver lining then :) (so cold though). I wish it would rain here -_- I hope you have a different sim in your phone btw. International roaming is a biatch! Anyway, have fun today :)

Luckily I got a free travel sim with my travel insurance which has reasonable charges. Yesterday we went to Brick Lane and wandered through dozens of super cool vintage stores and today we’re going to Soho I think but it’s raining so we might go to a museum instead. 

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You are lucky. The next couple of days are getting to late 30C to early 40C -_-

That sucks :(. We arrived and it was pouring rain and freezing and then we had issues with the check-in to our apartment so we had to wait in a pub, dripping wet, for three hours until we could get into the flat. I slept an hour on the plane and I stayed up to watch Sherlock so I’m still pretty tired but it is beautiful outside today at 9 degrees.

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